Stop Jamie Fuller's Parole

I received this information from a person or persons who are keeping up with the Jamie Fuller case. When the movie based on this case first aired, Jamie Fuller was not eligible for parole. However, it appears now...the laws in that state have changed.

"The current situation has changed. Because of the outrageous change of law in Massachusetts, Jaimie is now eligible for parole. He will go before the parole board in July. There is a bill currently being sponsored and will be voted on soon, bill S.2008 that will be an attempt to modify the outrageous change in law and make it mandatory for a juvenile to serve 30 years instead of the 15 that it was changed to. Please call the powers that be, especially Gov. Duvall Patrick to state your outrage over this law and let them know you support bill S.2008. Please don't let Amy's murderer get out of jail!!!"

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