Jamie Fuller's Mother Celeste Fuller


Jamie Fuller's mother, Celeste Fuller, was sentenced to 6-9  years in prison in 1994 for conspiring to help her son escape from prison. Her boyfriend, Edward Goulding also helped her with the plot. The plan was for Jamie to attempt suicide so that he could be sent to an outside hospital where two gunman would come in and kidnap Jamie Fuller. The police learned of the plot three weeks before it was to take place.Living in the government housing projects in Beverly, Mass at the time, Celeste 40 and her boyfriend Edward Goulding, 56, were arrested. People who lived in the projects with her said that before the murder she was always at parties in the community. After her son was arrested no one ever really saw her that much. She would stay in her apartment with the shades pulled down. Her whole demeanor changed after her son was taken from her.

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