Shoe Pond Murder Beverly, Massachusetts

Jamie Fuller Photo

Teen hunk Jamie Fuller was a nice looking, athletically built guy who had a jealous rage. That day people saw Amy walking with Jamie. They were headed to a heavily wooded area behind the school. They argued about her dating other guys. When Jamie came out of the woods, he was holding a knife. He told his friends "I did it." according to court testimony.

She was dumped in a seaside area called Shoe Pond. You can look up some pictures of that place. It's both beautiful and spooky.

Update: As of 2012 Jamie Fuller is still incarcerated in the Massachusetts Department of Corrections. He is being housed at MCI Shirley Medium Security prison. His offender identification number is: W53395.

Received this comment from a former classmate of Jamie Fuller:

"Teen hunk? no way. I was a senior in Beverly high when this happened. he was scary , I never knew her but knew of her. he always had a mad, mean , angry face. because of some stupid law change he may get out. This can not and should not happen. I dont care that he was only 16. the fact that he did it, so viciously, then went back to finish the job shows he knew he was wrong."''

Thanks for that comment. Most of the media described Jamie Fuller as a very handsome guy who was on the football team. It is interesting to hear that he was not considered "a hunk" in school. I guess that's the difference between the media's portrayal of a story versus the real story sometimes.

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